“Trust your instincts and watch your magic grow.” -The cosmic feminist

Lately I have been messing around with black and white photography.
It has become my new area of interest. I am learning all the different ways I can manipulate black and white photos to show as much detail as I want.

Please check out my black & white photo page.
You can follow my journey with black & white photography.
I hope you enjoy it.


Recently I have been feeling alone. I know in reality I am not alone considering I constantly have people around me, but emotionally I feel alone. I tried opening up to someone who I felt kind of had the same background as me, but they ended up laughing in my face. In the past I would have laughed with them and tried to move on with the night, but I have learned from my mistakes. When they laughed at me it hurt. At that point I realized I did not feel comfortable and I had the choice to leave, and for the first time I made the right choice. I left. Instead of laughing it off and going on with the night I finally put myself first and removed myself from the uncomfortable environment. Yes I made the right decision but I still feel sad. I opened myself up for the first time in a long time and I was laughed at. There is a reason I isolate myself from other people. It’s not because I do not like people but it’s because it is hard to find people who take me seriously. It is hard to find someone who do not laugh at me when I tell them about my past. I know my story is unique, but isant everyone’s story unique? This is one of many reasons of why I feel alone. It makes me sad.