Recently I have been feeling alone. I know in reality I am not alone considering I constantly have people around me, but emotionally I feel alone. I tried opening up to someone who I felt kind of had the same background as me, but they ended up laughing in my face. In the past I would have laughed with them and tried to move on with the night, but I have learned from my mistakes. When they laughed at me it hurt. At that point I realized I did not feel comfortable and I had the choice to leave, and for the first time I made the right choice. I left. Instead of laughing it off and going on with the night I finally put myself first and removed myself from the uncomfortable environment. Yes I made the right decision but I still feel sad. I opened myself up for the first time in a long time and I was laughed at. There is a reason I isolate myself from other people. It’s not because I do not like people but it’s because it is hard to find people who take me seriously. It is hard to find someone who do not laugh at me when I tell them about my past. I know my story is unique, but isant everyone’s story unique? This is one of many reasons of why I feel alone. It makes me sad.


When I see a butterfly I think of growth and freedom.  A butterfly starts off as little caterpillar fending for its life. They must find a reliable food source and survive all the challenges and obstacles mother nature throws at them. Once they are big and strong enough they have to take on the largest challenge of all. Transforming from a little caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. During this process, they are putting their life at risk and are left vulnerable to elements they know have no control over. The only protection they have from these is the chrysalis created for this transformation. 

Just take a moment and think about this for a second.

Imagine you have just survived weeks of fighting for your life. Then knowing the only way you can reach your full potential you must go through changes that you have little or no control over. Basically putting your life in the hands of the universe and mother nature and all you can do is hope you will come out stronger. 

Now back to the caterpillar. Once the transformation is complete, a butterfly breaks out and is reborn. The butterfly now can fly and bring beauty to the world. Butterflies are proof that with time, patience, hard work, and faith you can overcome almost any obstacle that is thrown at you. The journey might be long, scary, and seem impossible to overcome but with the right mindset you will get through it and come out so much stronger.